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About Us

Eye Care Professionals is proud to be one of the longest serving medical practices in all of Nevada. The practice was first established in the 1950s by Dr. Clarke and has operated under the direction of Dr. Matthew Mills since 1999. Over the years, Eye Care Professionals has established a reputation for excellence in all aspects of patient care as well as surgical outcomes. We feel very fortunate and privileged to be able to participate in the all-important work of preserving, restoring and improving vision for our patients!

Cosmetic Procedures

Protect and preserve your vision, eye health and quality of life. We strive to provide the most thorough and effective eye care possible. And our ophthalmologists, optometrists and friendly, knowledgeable staff treat you with the compassion and commitment you deserve. In short, we care about you and your vision and strive to always put the needs of our patients first.

Over the years, we have accomplished several milestones in the Reno area including:

  • First to perform Wavefront LASIK in Reno
  • First to implant ReSTOR IOL for Presbyopia (loss of reading vision)
  • First to implant Alcon Toric & Expanded Range Toric for Astigmatism
  • First to perform LASER Endo Cyclo Photocoagulation (ECP) for Glaucoma
  • First to perform BLADELESS LASER CATARACT SURGERY in Nevada


Refractive surgery can help reduce or eliminate your dependence on glasses or contact lenses. Eye Care Professionals’ ophthalmic surgeons are recognized leaders in refractive surgery who have pioneered methods and have experience and capabilities few other providers possess. We are proud to offer today’s most advanced and effective procedures, including:

Blade-free iDESIGN LASIK

Precision techniques customize treatment, minimize risk and optimize outcomes. We were the first to perform the Wavefront LASIK procedure in Reno and among the first to use IntraLase technology. We are excited to announce that we recently introduced iDESIGN wavefront analysis and treatment planning into the Reno market. This advancement expands our treatment range and capabilities and once again represents our commitment to continually raising the bar for LASIK vision correction in the Reno area.

Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK)

A precursor and close relative to LASIK and still appropriate for many patients with certain occupations or other ocular parameters. We have performed thousands of PRK procedures. Producing similar visual acuity outcomes, this may be a preferred option and in some cases a patient may be a better candidate for PRK than for LASIK.

Implantable contact lens (ICL)

In this procedure, we implant a tiny lens into the eye in front of its natural lens to achieve vision correction. We are experienced in this state-of-the-art technique, which few other providers perform. ICLs have the added benefit of being able to correct very high levels of near-sightedness which in some cases are too high for LASIK to be appropriate.

Refractive lens exchange (RLE)

This leading-edge procedure improves your vision by replacing your eye’s natural lens with an advanced intraocular lens. This procedure is in many ways analogous to cataract surgery except that in these cases it is performed for refractive purposes and will actually pre-empt the subsequent formation of cataract in these patients.



I wanted to thank Dr. Mills so much for taking such good care of me for my LASIK eye surgery. I feel so lucky and blessed to have my vision clear and crisp. and I owe it all to Eye Care Professionals.  You truly do have a lovely office and staff, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you all to anyone in need of your service. Once again, thank you!

Amanda C. - Reno, NV

This has truly been a life changing experience for me. For the first time since I was a little girl I was able to see after my LASIK procedure! Not only could I see, but I could see better than I could with my contacts. It truly felt like a miracle. At my follow-up exam, I was told I now have 20/15 vision in my left eye and 20/20 in my right. Dr. Mills did it! He gave me my sight back.

K.H. - Reno, NV

I highly recommend the services of Dr. Mills and his wonderful staff at Eye Care Professionals. My cataract surgery was as pleasant an experience as one can have in a surgical situation. The surgical teamworks together like a fine tuned machine and puts the patient in a very relaxed frame of mind. These folks really know their business and are extremely professional. Highly recommended.

Bill B. - Sparks, NV


Protect and preserve your vision, eye health and quality of life. We strive to provide the most thorough and effective eye care possible. And our ophthalmologists, optometrists and friendly, knowledgeable staff treat you with the compassion and commitment you deserve.

Advanced Implatable Lenses |

Glaucoma Care

Our ophthalmologists specialize in preserving the vision of patients with glaucoma through glaucoma laser surgery & MIGS procedures including OMNI, iStent and Hydrus implants.


LenSx Cataract Surgery |

Laser Cataract Surgery

LenSx laser refractive cataract surgery creates a custom solution for each individual patient, making the placement of the intraocular lens incredibly precise.