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Over the years, we have accomplished several milestones in the Reno area including:

  • First to perform Wavefront LASIK in Reno
  • First to implant ReSTOR IOL for Presbyopia (loss of reading vision)
  • First to implant Alcon Toric & Expanded Range Toric for Astigmatism
  • First to perform LASER Endo Cyclo Photocoagulation (ECP) for Glaucoma
  • First to perform BLADELESS LASER CATARACT SURGERY in Nevada
Winner Best of Reno 2023 Ophthalmologist


Read and watch what some of our satisfied patients have to say about the results they got from our doctors at Eye Care Professionals.

“LASIK has been life changing!”

Before her LASIK procedure, Amy could not see at all without contacts or glasses. She had been told by other doctors that she was not a candidate. Eye Care Professionals did an extensive evaluation and determined Amy would have excellent results from LASIK. One of the reasons Eye Care Professionals sees such fantastic results for patients is their thorough pre-opp testing and evaluation. Amy says getting LASIK eye surgery is the best thing she has ever done aside from having her two children and it has been absolutely life changing!

“I am ecstatic about the results!”

Before actual cataract patient, Bill, had his double cataract surgery everything was out of focus at every distance. He had many pairs of glasses just to get through his daily activities. Bill chose the multifocal lenses, which gives great vision both near and far and everything in between. His results were immediate. Right after cataract surgery, Bill says his vision was crystal clear and bright and he was ecstatic about the results.

“It was so remarkably easy!”

Eye Care Professionals patient, Sanford, talks about the glaucoma and cataract care he received from Dr. Mills in Reno. He remarks on how easy and seamless the surgical process was and how great the staff and doctors were throughout his procedure. After surgery was complete on both eyes, Sanford went for a walk and he was astounded by how bright and crisp his vision was. He had never seen at that level before and would highly recommend Eye Care Professionals.

Read Some of Our Google Reviews

Sara T.
Sara T.
Dr. Mirhaba does a fantastic job. She is very knowledgeable, and empathetic. she took the time to answer our questions, and explain when we didn't quite understand.
Linda W.
Linda W.
Staff was friendly and professional ... thoroughly explained what they were doing during testing. clearly explained options. I feel extremely satisfied with the decisions I made re my eye care.
Timothy F.
Timothy F.
The doctor, staff and the care I receive is excellent. Dr Mirbaha is so knowledgable and caring. I had to wait too long to be seen is my only complaint.
Jim F.
Jim F.
Excellent, professional, and thorough care from start to finish. I have had to wear prescription glasses since I was a small child. For the first time ever, I don't need the prescription glasses any more.Sharper vision than I have ever had, even with glasses.Cataracts, astigmatism, and glaucoma all were addressed. Thank you Dr. Mills and the staff at Eye Care Professionals!
Ron H.
Ron H.
I am always treated with personal care and not just a patient.
Bonnie S.
Bonnie S.
It was very in lightening. Very comfortable and friendly. I knew from the very beginning I was with professional people who knew what they were doing. I was very excited to think for the first time in my life I would have my eyesight without glasses. I’m still excited and very impressed with the talent

What Our Patients Are Saying…

I was lead to Eye Care Professionals due my vision blurring. From the receptionists, technicians, and equipment I could not have asked for better care, respect, kindness, attention to detail, thoroughness and professionalism. The physical atmosphere in addition to the routine smiles are so welcoming and soothe the trepidation. The Surgical Coordinator is also an amazing example of the poised and seasoned team you have assembled. Your unparalleled expertise coupled with the advanced technology Eye Care Professionals employs determined that I required cataract surgery. I clearly hit the jackpot having you as my Ophthalmologist & Surgeon. The surgeries were so seamless. I see everything through a new lens and a beautiful sight it is!

Chris B.

I recently had cataracts removed from both eyes. Dr Mills implanted Pan Optix tri-focal lenses. I’m thrilled with the results. For the first time since I was twelve, I can see perfectly at any distance. I am glasses free except for sunglasses. I’m loving my new eyes and have been telling my friends about Dr Mills and these lenses. What a gift!


Dear Dr. Mills, It has been so long that you may not even remember, but you came into the St. Mary’s ER on a Sunday afternoon to see my son after he had been hit in the eye with a soccer ball. You were so caring and compassionate in taking care of him. You went above and beyond to get him the help he needed. That seems so rare these days and we were so appreciative and have not forgotten about it. I’m sorry it took so long to let you know. Thank you so much ~Renee

Dear Dr. Mills, Thank you and all your staff for their professional work at making my eye sight better, and it is better. So Merry Christmas and happier New Year. May God love and bless you all. Thank you for all of your care.

Jack and Laurie

Dear Matt, Thank you for the excellent care I received in your office. I am extremely happy with the results. I appreciate your professionalism and care. I can see why you have such a great reputation. I am already spreading the word. Thanks again for taking great care of me.


Dear Dr. Mills, I would like to thank you for your knowledge and expertise in performing my recent cataract surgeries and for caring for me during my post-op visits. I also want to thank your team at Sierra Vista Surgery Center who cared for me so well and were so kind. There is nothing more precious than the gift of sight, and I appreciated so much your efforts to improve mine. Gratefully Yours,


Dr. Mills, I still can’t believe I can see… Science!! Thank you so much for getting me through surgery, keeping me comfortable, and staying so positive. I’ll never forget my Lasik experience and I plan to share it for years to come. Thank you so much Dr. Mills and team for taking care of me!


Dr. Mills, The surgery to remove cataracts from both eyes was a huge success. From a 20/200 before the operation, it was improved to 20/15. And the left eye even had a 20/10 for certain letters. I chose the long distance lenses for both eyes and they are working great. I just need glasses for reading and up close activities. Having worn eye glasses since I was in 9th grade, I always had glass lenses instead of plastic because they had fewer scratches from my outdoor job and yard work where dust and dirt was an every day routine. The bridge of my nose always showed the indentation from the frame and it always was red. I want to thank you for doing the surgery and huge success that that I have enjoyed from it. Sincerely,

John J.W.

I am 2 days post operative for the second cataract surgery performed by Dr. Mills. I can’t possibly express how wonderful my eyesight is becoming by the hour. I am absolutely delighted with what an outstanding improvement I am experiencing. This is a miracle performed on me, a 79 year old woman who has worn glasses since the age of 5. I had strabismus as a child and lots of astigmatism. As the years wore on it became difficult to wear glasses as they became very distorting and were very strong. I had Toric lens replacements which corrected the astigmatism. I see better now as I write than I have in all my life. Dr. Mills, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Know that you have truly made a difference in my life. You are so gifted, and I thank God that you are the surgeon that did this for me. I had what I referred to as a lazy eye, I wore eye patches etc. and wore those thick glasses for 74 years. Dr. Mills you work up my “LAZY EYE”!!!!!. I also want to thank Dr. Schonder and all of your wonderful staff at your beautiful and well run South Reno office. Sincerely Yours,

Mary H.

Dear Dr. Mills, Today I visited your office for a post-op appointment after my second cataract surgery in the past three weeks. I am delighted with the results. As I remarked on my first post-op visit, it is like having eye drops from the Fountain of Youth. My vision is as it was more than a quarter century ago. You run a thoroughly professional practice. Your building is clean, comfortable and modern. Your equipment is state-of-the-art. Your staff is alert, friendly and meticulous. I would recommend you to anyone facing any eye care issue. Thank you so much for all you have done for me. You, personally, epitomize the word ‘caring’ in terms of your treatment of your patients. Warmest personal regards,

Mike H.

Dear Dr. Mills, Thank you for taking great care of my eyes during cataract surgery yesterday. You staff is both kind and professional. This combination made my experience so easy and the results outstanding.

Jan Z.

My Dearest Doc Mills, I can now see and I thank you. I know that you always try to make life better and you have improved my life. I now realize how much I was missing. Your Forever Friend,


I’m now a member of your 20/20 club thanks to you!!!


Dr. Mills and Staff, My wife and I recently had cataract surgery in both eyes. Not only were the results great, but the care and attention we received were excellent. Quality work and courteous care have almost become a thing of the past. The doctor and his staff, including those at the Sierra Vista Surgery Center, were very efficient, pleasant and informative. No long periods of waiting on hold. No hours spent sitting in a waiting room. My wife no longer needs glasses and I’m back to 20/20. You truly are health care PROFESSIONALS. Thanks again,

Fred and Lesley

Dr. Mills, I would like to compliment you and your staff for making my cataract surgery a positive experience. I especially like how cheerfully and professionally I was treated from the first time I walked in the door. All phases of the surgery were carefully explained to me, and all my questions were answered to my satisfaction. When people ask me about my cataract surgery I recommend your office.


Dear Dr. Mills and Schonder, Thank you so much for your kindness and professional help in helping my eyes to see better and more clearly. I am thankful to God for guys like you to whom he has given the desire, talent and expertise to help human kind. You have a wonderful and caring staff. In gratitude.


Dear Dr. Mills, I would like to thank you so much for giving me my life back. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my concerns, and helping me make the best choice of lens for my lifestyle. I could not be happier with my results. My cataracts had changed my life in a negative way. I had stopped playing all sports I loved because my vision even with glasses had gotten so bad I could not be competitive, not to mention the safety risk. Driving was a chore. I even thought my television was going out because the picture quality seemed so bad. I am back shooting, playing softball and golf, just for starters…..and my television has a great picture! Special thanks to Donna and Dianna for recommending Dr. Mills. I had seen another ophthalmologist in Reno the previous year. He kept pushing the multifocal lens and told me I would never need glasses again. I was so uncomfortable with the manner of their business that I was scared off of cataract surgery. Donna and Dianna assured me that Dr. Mills could help me, and that my experience would be positive.


Just a quick note to thank you and your associates and staff once again for all the kind and generous services you have provided me during my two brief visits to your facilities and office. I mean everyone there starting from the very first telephone call I received to remind me of my impending appointment to when I walked up to your most cordial and helpful young lady receptionist, whom I might add took upon herself when I had shown up an hour early for my appointment by leading me into the TV room where I was able to watch some of the Summer Olympics, how so very thoughtful making that hour disappear faster that I could have hoped. And yet everyone there was so very helpful, courteous and extremely professional just like your address Professional Circle implies. God bless you all for making my brief but delightful stay there seem so enjoyable, I realize this is not only a job and an important duty but believe me when I say this, you and your staff of professionals seem to make it a pleasure as well, almost like going to Disneyland (well almost). Thank you again and will be looking forward to my next annual visit come this time next year.Yours most truly,


Thank you so much for giving me back my sight. It really is better than it has ever been in my entire life. I look forward to seeing familiar things in a whole new light, with more definition and clarity. Thanks!

Shelly D.

Thank you for the excellent job you did removing my cataracts. The results are quite fantastic as I can now see far better without glasses than I could previously with glasses. Having worn glasses for 65 years, it is certainly a treat to get along without them. There are many details in my surroundings that I now see that I had never noticed before. Thank you again. You and your staff are both caring and professional and a pleasure to work with.

Cam A.

A year ago you performed cataract surgery on both my eyes and inserted a Restore lens in each eye. I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the results. I now have 20/20 vision in each eye and see better than since my teens, and am now 75 years old. Of course, I no longer use glasses. I am able to drive at night without a problem. A short time later you performed the same procedure on my wife, Judy. She has had the same wonderful results! We are both thrilled with our splendid eye sight, and appreciate so much what you have done. We would hope anyone in our situation could have you perform their procedure for them. We highly commend you to any such patients! Sincerely,

Al P.

I am writing to thank you for your superb care. I presented with no ordinary cataract surgery needs. Three months prior to seeing you in November 2010, I had cataract surgery on my right eye. Despite that surgeon’s assurance that my eyesight was steadily improving, I could only read the second line of the eye chart after he had inserted a replacement lens. Even more frightening was the loss of balance and dizziness – not easy to live with when your job requires you to travel around the globe to get a story.

You performed a miracle.

You explained that the lens was 10 times too strong, causing a lack of equilibrium due to the great disparity between my right and left eyes. To rectify the problem, you developed not just one plan of action but two to restore my vision. First, you were going to attempt to replace the lens with a toric one, specially designed for eyes with steep astigmatism. What I really appreciated was how you backed up this plan A with plan B – if there was too much scar tissue build-up, you were going to ameliorate the power of the lens by placing another in front of it. Unfortunately, the lens could not be removed, and we went with plan B. My equilibrium was restored immediately, and now three months after surgery, I have 20/30 in an eye that could only see the second line on the eye chart. You and your colleague, Dr. Schonder, spent hours in exhaustive exams so that I had not one, but two expert opinions about how to restore correct vision. Your patience and patient manner was so comforting that I knew I was in the hands of a hero. Having worked as a consumer health writer for most of my professional life, I knew all about medical errors because I reported on them. I am one of the lucky ones who found a hero to correct mine. Gratefully,

Sheila S-E

I would like to thank Dr. Matt Mills and his staff for there curtesy and professionalism.My cataract surgery was complicated by my cancer. In one of my eyes I was legally blind 20/400.I now see with 20/20 vision!! The surgery was very easy with no pain. I had a strong fear of eye surgery.But my fear was eased by DR Mills confidence and reassuring demeanor.My quality of life has increased dramatically since my procedure. I would highly recommend EYE CARE PROFESSIONALS and Dr. Matt Mills to anyone who needs eye care!!




I wanted to thank Dr. Mills so much for taking such good care of me for my LASIK eye surgery. I feel so lucky and blessed to have my vision clear and crisp. and I owe it all to Eye Care Professionals.  You truly do have a lovely office and staff, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you all to anyone in need of your service. Once again, thank you!

Amanda C. - Reno, NV

This has truly been a life changing experience for me. For the first time since I was a little girl I was able to see after my LASIK procedure! Not only could I see, but I could see better than I could with my contacts. It truly felt like a miracle. At my follow-up exam, I was told I now have 20/15 vision in my left eye and 20/20 in my right. Dr. Mills did it! He gave me my sight back.

K.H. - Reno, NV

I highly recommend the services of Dr. Mills and his wonderful staff at Eye Care Professionals. My cataract surgery was as pleasant an experience as one can have in a surgical situation. The surgical teamworks together like a fine tuned machine and puts the patient in a very relaxed frame of mind. These folks really know their business and are extremely professional. Highly recommended.

Bill B. - Sparks, NV

From the front desk staff to the medical assistants to Dr. Mills, I had an amazing experience. I had waited until my vision was 20/2500 and after surgery yesterday, I have 20/20. Every person at Eye Care Professionals was very capable, very kind and very thorough, but Dr. Mills was incredible, a fantastic surgeon, with a wonderful bedside manner. I am a patient forever.

Linda Shaw

Dr. Mills performed cataract surgery on both my eyes. The results are amazing. Dr. Mills is a consummate professional who makes you feel entirely comfortable and confident throughout the experience. His staff is likewise as professional, talented and personable. The entire experience with his office is one of the best I have had with a medical office in my life. I highly recommend him and his office.

Ridgely Lazard

The world was in a fog for me. I didn’t realize how bad my vision was. Dr. Mills did my surgery and WOW! I am totally in awe of the colors and the clarity i now see with. The whole experience is amazing. This is as close to having bionic eyes as i will ever need.

Gil Rivas

Dr. Mills and his staff provided me with exceptional care and a perfect outcome in my recent cataract surgeries. They are professional and competent, and they explained the procedures in detail. The teaching through the staff in the office was detailed and complete, leaving me without question that this is the best place in Reno for your vision needs. Dr. Mills is personable and friendly, he is obviously detailed oriented which put me at ease.It is a pleasure for me to recommend Dr. Matthew Mills.

Suzanne Cumming

Dr Mills performed cataract surgery on both of my eyes in early August of 2019. He had previously done cataract surgery for my wife, Penny. We cannot say enough positive concerning Dr MIlls and his staff and the staff at Renown Medical Center. His professionalism, attention to detail, and his caring, positive attitude is exemplary. My wife and I now enjoy better than 20/20 vision and are now experiencing the best uncorrected vision of our lives!We both unreservedly recommend Dr Matthew MIlls as an exceptional Opthamologist and Surgeon.


On the anniversary of my 90th birthday, I returned to Dr. Mills for my eye examination. The results were excellent. I am so very grateful to Dr. Mills for the excellent care I received for my cataract surgery in 2013. I found him professional, knowledgeable and caring. I would recommend him very highly.Thank You!


From the first phone call to the last post op visit, the entire staff here has been welcoming, inviting and helpful. They are well informed and have been able to answer all of my questions. I was not sure if I would qualify to have to procedure done so I was nervous. They were able to get me in quickly for the initial visit so that we could see if I was a good candidate. Once they determined that I was a candidate the process continued to be simple as well as quick. I found it comforting how clean and inviting the entire office is. It is a professional and warm environment. I truly felt like the staff viewed me as a patient and not just a number. I was surprised that I was able to see so clearly so soon after the procedure, and that everything was so crisp. I went from not being able to see my hand in front of my face to being able to see trees on the mountain tops. My children challenge me everyday to see new things. My 7 year old even told me,.

Aimee L.

I went from wearing glasses or contact lenses since I was two years old. Since my cataract surgery I don’t need either one at this time. A very transformative process and Dr. Mills the magician. Thank you so much as I can now see the world through new eyes.


The entire staff, especially Dr. Mills, accommodated my discomfort connected with anything having to do with eyes. The treatment , cataract surgery and lens replacement, was a huge success and my vision is restored to 20/20. Better than I ever expected. I especially appreciated that appointment times were adhered to and each step of the procedure was explained, thus alleviating my anxiety.


When I came in to see Dr. Mills, I could not drive or work. The cataracts had gotten so bad. My experience with Dr. Mills was amazing. I now have perfect vision and can drive without glasses for the first time in 50 years. I cannot Thank Dr. Mills and his professionalism enough.

Teresa Carolan

It’s a wonderful service they take complete care for all your needs i am recommending this service for all don’t hesitate its a new world without glasses now everyone is very professional.

R. Vinson

It is like a gift i enjoy the world as it really is. Bless you.

Roger Vantrease

I had an outstanding experience with Dr. Mills and his entire staff. I had very successful cataract surgery in both eyes, and am so pleased with the results as well as the care provided to me. I’m very happy to have Dr. Mills and Eye Care Professionals caring for my vision in the future.


I have been a patient of Dr. Mills for ten years and he has been treating/monitoring me for a glaucoma condition that I have had for some time. Some years ago, he informed me that I had cataracts in both eyes and that I was a candidate for cataract surgery. I was quite reluctant to have the surgery as I am a competition high power rifle shooter and I felt my shooting abilities were not being compromised by my cataracts. I could see the targets distinctly and did not feel handicapped in any way other than colors were not as bright and I started seeing halos around lights at night. My shooting scores were starting to stagnate or decline so I knew then that I needed to be treated for cataracts and so underwent cataract surgery performed by Dr. Mills. What a difference in my eyesight after the surgery! I could not believe bright colors were, especially whites. My previous color perception must have been like looking out a yellowed, dingy window though I was not aware of it. I only wish I had undergone cataract surgery years ago-I probably could have been an even tougher competitor and moved up in the ranks if I had not been so stubborn. So my advise to anyone who is stubborn like me, get over it and have the surgery and you won’t regret it!!


To whom it may concern, It is my pleasure to describe my experience with the Eye Care Professionals staff and Dr Mills. When I was told I needed to have cataract surgery, needless to say I was nervous. First knowing that my eyes were needing to be surgically enhanced was troubling. However, my experience at the eye center as been AWESOME!! Staff has been outstanding, Nicolle has always been receptive to my inquiries, (which were many), she was very calm in describing the procedures. Dr Mirbhaha, follow up appointments were wonderful. She was very through and very helpful with my post op visits. Now my surgically repaired eyes are PHENOMENAL!!! I HAVE IMPROVED MY VISION BEYOND WHAT I THOUGHT WAS EVER GOING TO HAPPEN!! The Physician surgery center of Nevada staff was excellent. Very helpful and extremely understanding of my nervousness. They were very knowledgable of my particular concerns and assisted me throughout the surgery for both eyes. Finally my experience with working with DR Mills throughout the sessions we had in creating the vision i requested and the outcome is incredible. My eyesight has greatly improved beyond any thing I could have hoped for or envision. Dr Mills.


Dr. Mills and his staff both at his office and the surgical center are amazing. They are professional, efficient, friendly, welcoming and their attention to every detail makes the entire cataract surgery experience comfortable and easy. I had an unusual request to have distance in my right eye and close-up in my left for reading and computer work. The results are amazing, my vision is now 20/20 in both eyes for the different visions and I had no discomfort before, during or after my surgery. Dr. Mills is not only a highly skilled surgeon, he is patient, takes the time to explain in detail everything you need to know before and after the procedure. He is truly interested in the comfort of the patient and the results of the operation. Thank you to Dr. Mills and his amazing staff!


I have worn corrective lenses since age six. My eyesight has always been somewhere between terrible and awful. If anyone would have told me that I’d have 20/15 vision, and could throw away my glasses at nearly age 65, i would have not believed them. Dr. Mills, Dr. Conklin, and staff did an incredible job, and can’t beat the service and bedside manner. I am thrilled. Thank you to all.

Peggy Wheeler

We had a wonderful experience while getting cataract surgery with Dr. Mills and his staff. Dr. Mills was especially good to work with both at his office and the surgery center. All the staff as his office were friendly, knowledgeable and easy to work with. The staff at the surgery center was also very efficient. Kudos to Melanie, the nurse at the surgery center, when the first cataract was removed. We highly recommend Dr. Mills and his staff!


It has been an amazing experience, truly a miracle! The care and efficiency of the process is amazing. A life changer for me. Thank you Dr. mills and staff!!


Incredible results in less than 24 hours, zero side effects better vision than any glasses ever provided Doctor Mills and staff are top notch Thank you very much!


Very pleased on the service and professional staff and doctors.


I am an 80 year old male and for several years I have had issues with my tri-focal prescription glasses. My vision issues were compounded with a double vision factor that required a prescribed prism. My GP, Dr David Walls of Chester, CA, recommended that I see Dr. Mills for an evaluation. Cataract surgery was recommended for both eyes. Due to the prism requirement issue and cost, the standard lens replacement was selected. Surgery for the left eye was completed on Sept. 24th 2018 and the right yesterday, Oct. 8th 2018. There was very little discomfort with the procedure, and the professional staff were exceptional. I could not be more pleased with the results, with vision correction to 20/15 for both eyes. For computer and reading I only need a pair of 1.5 X inexpensive reading glasses.


Prior to having Dr Mills do surgery on both eyes, I was having trouble seeing especially at night. Dr. Mills and his staff were very helpful , courteous and professional. Now seeing 20 20 vision. So happy!


I like the fact that Dr. Mills is good at what he does.


Dr. Mills and his staff both at his office and the surgical center are amazing. They answer all questions in a timely manner and in detail. Everyone is professional, efficient and welcoming making you feel very comfortable instantly. My cataract surgery was a bit unusual because I wanted distance in my right eye and close-up for reading in my left eye. This was not a problem and worked out absolutely perfect! I had no discomfort before, during or after my surgery. It happened so quickly and easily I never even knew it happened! The results are amazing, my vision is now 20/20 in each eye. Dr. Mills is not only highly skilled, he is patient, thorough and is truly interested in his patients and their recovery. Thank you Dr. Mills and staff!!


Dr. Mills restored my vision! I developed cataracts after a lifetime of myopia. I was very apprehensive about surgery on my eyes, but I felt good after meeting with Dr. Mills and his staff. The procedures went very well, with no discomfort at all. I can now see very well at distance with my left dominant eye and intermediate with my right eye. They are well integrated so I don’t need glasses except for using readers to read books. Fantastic experience!


Thanks you Dr, Mills. I am so happy I had my surgery. I can now enjoy my great grandkids Thank you again. For my 20/20 vision.


I have worn glasses since the second grade. After having cataract surgery with Dr. Mills my vision has improved greatly. I am now seeing things for the first time.


For the first time in my entire life I have 20/20 vision in my good eye (left). Dr. Mills definitely has gifted hands and it definitely shows in what he has done for me. I would recommend Dr. Mills to anyone no matter how bad your vision is because Dr. Mills will do whatever he can to help you achieve the best vision possible. He definitely will look at your situation at all angles and will do what’s best for you. He is definitely my only eye doctor for life.


Prior to meeting Dr. Mills, who is an excellent Ophthalmologist and Surgeon, I had very poor vision in my right eye and had been wearing glasses for 60 years. Dr. Mills performed laser cataract surgery on both of my eyes, namely providing one lens for distance and one lens for nearness. As a result of his wonderful work, I can now see like I could never see before, viz., things are now both brighter and clearer, and I am no longer wearing any glasses. In sum, I am very grateful and indebted to Dr. Mills for giving me vision that I never had before, and I strongly recommend him to anyone who has cataracts.


I have been seen by Dr Mills for cataract surgery two different time. Excellent doctor great with his patients and his staff. My surgery came out great. I’m seeing 20/20 in both eyes now. Would definitely recommend Dr Mills for any eye care you may need.


I could not be more pleased with the treatment and results of Dr. Mills cataract procedures. The surgery was professional, and perhaps as important, the experience in subsequent was professional, efficient, and friendly. Strong recommendation for this DR. And this practice.


Dr. Mills is a very approachable and professional. He told me this would allow computer reading/work. He was right. Great to see so well.Would recommend this procedure for cataracts.


I have had a lifetime of strong astigmatism and nearsightedness. By my mid-sixties my vision had deteriorated to 20/40, the minimum driver’s license threshold. My Primary Care Physician referred me to Dr. Mills.It was recommended that I undergo cataract surgery/lens replacement. Dr. Mills performed the surgery. My vision has been restored to 20/20 for distant vision without the need for glasses, though I need low power reading glasses for reading.During this process there were several office visits and interactions with Dr. Mills and his staff. I inquired about all the details of the procedure, specifically the risks and benefits. Dr. Mills and his staff articulately and comprehensively provided answers to all my questions, as well as offering options. I am very satisfied with the service Dr. Mills’ practice provided and the improvement to my vision. I recommend Dr. Mills office to family, friends, and anyone in need of ophthalmologist care.


Dr. Mills removed my cataracts. Though an everyday experience for him, a first for me. At the first exam Dr. Mills instilled a feeling of confidence in me that my sight will improve and life will get better. Dr.Mills has confidence and it gives his patients comfort and puts them at ease. His staff at both his office and surgery center are there to help and comfort patients. The whole experience was very well orchestrated. It could not have been easier. Thank you Dr. Mills.


I had a noticeable decrease in my vision in my right eye over a 3 to 4 month period. I had vision checks and new lenses prescribed twice during that period by my optician. On the 2nd visit it was mentioned that I had a cataract, but not that it explained my visual changes. I saw Dr Mills and he told me not only that I had a significant cataract and my vision was very diminished, but also that a blunt force trauma I had suffered when I was 5 years old had caused damage to the structures behind my cornea. All my life I had been told that it was a miracle that I had not been blinded by that injury. I wasn’t told that anything untoward would ever happen later in life. Dr. Mills said the injury contributed to issues regarding the cataract and there could be multiple risks involved with the surgery and possibly afterward. Two of the complications mentioned were possible need for vitrectomy if the structures were unable to contain the implanted lens and/or a possible need for an anterior lens placement. I was unnerved as I had anticipated a routine exam and routine cataract surgery. Dr. Mills was very reassuring and I placed my trust and confidence in him. Immediately afterward Dr. Mills told me the surgery went perfectly. I cried with relief and certainly counted my blessings! Today is my first day post-op and I have 20/20 vision. I can’t wait to leave the office and enjoy the rest of my life with the vision to appreciate the beauty of this amazing planet.

Linda Newman



I would like to compliment the doctors and staff for making my cataract surgery a positive experience. I especially like how cheerfully and professionally I was treated from the first time I walked in the door. All phases of the surgery were carefully explained to me, and all my questions were answered to my satisfaction. When people ask me about my cataract surgery I recommend Eye Care Professionals.

Penny - Reno, NV

Thank you so much for giving me back my sight. It really is better than it has ever been in my entire life. I look forward to seeing familiar things in a whole new light, with more definition and clarity. Thanks!

Shelly D. - Reno, NV

I was very nervous about the procedure but Dr. Mills took his time and answered every question I had. He made me feel very comfortable with everything. It’s less than 24 hours after my LASIK procedure and I can already see 20/15! I can’t recommend him enough and will always be grateful. What a positive experience!

K.P. - Sparks, NV

I have been coming to this office for about 5 years. I have always had a wonderful experience with the staff. It is so nice to be welcomed into this office With a smile and a warm hello, how are you today! The staff is caring, experienced and willing to be of whatever service is required! The office manager has done an awesome job of hiring for this office!!!


I’ve been going to Dr. Mills for years. He has treated me for glaucoma and cataracts. He has always explained everything to me in detail and he always understood my concerns. He has done four procedures and I have never experienced any pain with the procedures. I am extremely satisfied with Dr. Mills would recommend him.


Fantastic experience, Dr. Mills ad his tea are real pros my eyes are both back to 20/20.


Everyone in the office was kind and accommodating and made me feel comfortable. Dr. Mills was patient and transparent from my first visit until my procedure was done. I will highly recommend Dr. Mills to anyone considering corrective procedures.


This is the most comfortable office I’ve been in in years! The doctors and the staff are caring and very friendly. My vision was so bad and now.. I have 20/15 and 20/20 in my eyes.. a wonderful experience and a great staff.


Dr. Mills is very professional, knowledgeable, genuine. The staff is very professional and helpful. I now have 20/15 vision!


Dr. Mills has been an amazing doctor to work with. From my first visit, he has been patient with all my questions. He explained exactly what he was going to do with both of my eyes. I felt very confident going into the surgery, but little did I know how I would feel after my surgeries! I can see! Unless you have ever been almost blind……there is no describing how elated I feel! Dr.Mills is my miracle, my hero! I now have 20/20 vision. When I came to him, I was 2400. I will be forever grateful to him! He has changed my life!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Dr. Mills!


The entire process exceeded all of my expectations. Dr Mills was awesome throughout the entire process and kept me informed on what to expect. I am thrilled with my vision and could not be happier. All of the staff were great and took good care of me.


Dr Mill’s office is the most efficient, precise medical office I have ever experienced. The staff is friendly and extremely professional. It is clear that the office is extremely busy, however, I have never felt the.


My experience with Dr. Mills and his staff has been outstanding. Although this operation seems to be very high volume, my wait times have always been reasonable, which attests to the streamlined operations here. The facilities and pleasant and comfortable and the staff competent. The surgeries themselves seem like miracle to me. The improved vision is amazing, and everything seems clear and beautiful after cateract removal and lens implants. My eyes are very comfortable, no pain experienced at all. Again, I am very happy with my experience and results with Dr. Mills and his organization.

Alice Allison

This is the best. My life was returned to me. The colors I see are incredible I love to paint, quilt, and enjoy the outdoors. Thank you Dr. Mills you are an incredible surgeon.


I could not be more pleased with the results of my cataract surgery with multifocal lens implants. One day post surgery I can read and drive without glasses and my vision is similar to what I had as a young person. The office is very efficient.

Kathy Welch

Dr. Mills and staff were wonderful to work with. Dr. Mills quality of work is second to none, highly recommend him and staff.


Having never had surgery before, cataract surgery seemed scary. Dr. Mills erased those concerns and I now can call this a very positive experience. His calm and friendly demeanor was greatly appreciated, as was his experienced and understanding staff. I highly recommend Eye Care Professionals!


Thanks sooo much! Dr. Mills. The whole experience and staff has been wonderful! I teach piano lessons and playing piano is my hobby, too. This is the first time in six months I have am able to see the staffs, notes, and fingerings to play. I am thrilled to have one of the best parts of my life back again.

Donna L.

Fantastic experience.As a lawyer my vision is very important and I had great confidence in Dr.Mills and his staff. After cataract surgery I wont have to wear glasses for distance vision. That will be perfect for skiing and swimming.


I’ve seen Dr. Mills and his associates for my vision care for over 10 years. They are terrific. Recently, Dr. Mills performed cataract surgery on both of my eyes. I am extremely satisfied. His professional and medical talents were greatly appreciated. I would recommend Dr. Mills and his associates to anyone.


From my very first visit to two successful cataract surgeries, I have been treated with respect, extreme professionalism and a caring spirit.I can’t imagine a better staff and Dr. Mills is the best. My sincere thanks to all for restoring my vision.


I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Mills. His office and the surgery center were exceptional in their care. Dr. Mills addressed my concerns immediately. They went over and above keeping me warm as I have Reynaulds Syndrome. I cant stress enough how friendly, kind and caring the nurses were. My post op visit with Dr. Mills was expedient. All was explained well to me. I personally recommend Dr. Mills, his staff and the surgery center to anyone.


Dr. Mills is the best! I had gone to another doctor for cataract surgery. He put the wrong lenses in my eye, at the wrong angles. I was referred to Dr. Mills by a friend of mine who is a doctor. Thankfully Dr. Mills was amazing. In my worst eye I was seeing 20/400. Now I am seeing almost perfect! I look forward to Dr. Mills adjusting my other eye. Dr. Mills is talented, concerned, dedicated and I highly recommend him!


My experience with Dr. Mills and his staff was exceptional. They all are friendly and very competent. The outcome is wonderful and I could not be more satisfied.


I am extremely pleased with the way Dr. Mills has fixed my eyes. I don’t have to wear glasses because I have 20/20 vision now! I have nothing but praise for Dr. Mills, everything that has happened to me since I walked in the door at his office has been perfect. Thank you Dr. Mills!!!


Dr Mills and his staff are extremely awesome. I went in not realizing how bad my sight was, after consulting with the Dr he suggested cataract surgery. I went from 20-50 vision to 20-20 the day after surgery. The surgery itself was a breeze and the results are incredible. Thank you Dr Mills!


Thank God I found Dr. Mills!!!!! He informed me that I do not have glaucoma! He and his staff are the absolute best! I highly recommend Dr. Mills he is all knowing and true to his profession. The best treatment I have found in Reno in the past 10 years. His staff and of course Dr. Mills as well ROCKS!!!!!


Dr Mills and his staff are amazing! This morning after my second eye procedure, I face timed with my 7 month old granddaughter, Sofie and I could see her clearly….what a joy!! Thank you Dr. Mills.


Dr. Mills was absolutely wonderful. He has changed my life! My vision is better than ever. Everything is so crisp and clear. Colors are amazing! Both surgeries were such a wonderful experience! Wish I would have done this years ago. Also, I would like to add that his staff is excellent! Truly the very best! Such a great experience! So grateful!

Tracy Brown

Dr. Mills is one of the best doctors I have ever had in my life time. I have had many issues with my eyes and I have seen other doctors. However, Dr. Mills is the only one that has corrected my problems. At the age of 70 I am only going to have to use reading glasses.


My whole experience was amazing. The care I received was excellent and I was so impressed by the skill of my surgeon , Dr. Mills. Surgery was seamless and painless. My eyesight is 20/15, clear and crisp.


I had the opportunity to be referred to Dr. Mills regarding surgery to correct severe nearsightedness and astigmatism, in addition to having small cataracts. I was surprised to find out that my vision could be corrected, as I have worn glasses since the age of 9. Seeing clearly has never been an option without a large prescription … and not having the ability to see at all without glasses was dangerous. Upon both my visits to correct my eyes, through the surgery, through the rechecks .. I was treated with kindness and professionalism. I now see 20/20 in both eyes! I was over -7 in both prior. So I start the second half of my life with perfect vision thanks to Dr. Mills. Definitely go see him. He will fix you up!


I had cataract surgery with Dr. Mills and was very happy with the results. I elected to do Mono Vision and I am very pleased with the outcome. Dr. Mills is very professional and was very accommodating to my wishes.


Dr mills has changed my life for nothing but good. I knew everything that was going to happen and it did. If you thinking about it no need to just do itt thanks again to all the staff.


I am very pleased with the results of my recent cataract surgery. The procedure was pain free and my sight in that eye is now 20/15. Prior to the surgery, I was experiencing trouble driving at night and noticed a lack of clarity seeing objects in the distance. Within one day of surgery I was truly surprised of how much better I could see.Dr. Mills is truly amazing and he spent time prior to the procedure explaining the process and what to expect moving forward. The staff in his office are thorough and very accommodating. The staff at the surgery center at St. Mary’s were also thorough and proficient. I would highly recommend Dr. Mills to anyone seeking great care for their eyes.

Carl Morrow

Speaking frankly, my vision has improved beyond what I imagined. With two new lenses and my cataracts removed, I can see so very much better than when I first arrived.


Working with Dr. Mills and his staff has been wonderful. They are professional at the highest level, while maintaining a caring relationship with their patients. Dr. Mills is extremely confident and compassionate with his patients. I opted for the multifocal lens. My vision is now 20/15 which is like a dream come true. I feel like my eyes are 10 years young again with crystal clear vision. The surgery is virtually painless and I would encourage anyone who is contemplating this procedure to proceed with confidence.


Dr. Mills helped me with a complicated medical condition- I met him in the ER- and he walked me through every step in fixing it. My surgery was not routine, but it went well and the outcome is excellent. His offices staff are great. I recommend the practice highly.

K. Muth

I have worn glasses and/or contacts since the 3rd grade. When my vision deteriorated further due to cataracts at the ripe old age of 47 (to the point where I could barely see a computer monitor) I was extremely distressed. What Dr. Mills and his staff have done is more than just removing my cataracts. I am now seeing 20/20 in my left eye and 20/25 in my right (my left corrected for distance and my right for close-up). I am now seeing the world in a way that is brand new for me. There are not enough words to describe how I’m feeling, but trust me when I say that this is life-changing. If you have cataracts and are at all hesitant about having surgery, please don’t be. Dr. Mills knows what he is doing, and he and his staff will provide you with top-shelf care the entire way through the process.


Dr Mills was very professional and I was very pleased with the results I am now seeing 20 20 and this is the first time since I was in my 40 s that my sight has been this amazing and I was a little skeptic that the results would be this amazing. I am very pleased that my experience was this great. Keep up the good work! Dr angelini also speaks very highly of your surgery ability.


I could not have had a more positive experience. Dr. Mills is the best. The office is the most professional, well run medical office I have ever been in. Would highly recommend to anyone. So grateful.


For surgery this was the most pleasant experience. Everyone on the staff was friendly, helpful and professional. Dr. Mills kept me informed and thoroughly explained the procedure. The results were outstanding.


I had both eyes operated on for cataracts. I have been impressed both by the efficient and friendly staff and the quality of care received.Very pleased with the entire experience. While the office seems to manage many patients, they do so with a highly professional manner. The friendly personal approach I experienced is not always common in what appears to be a high-volume practice.I recommend Dr. Mills and his staff to anyone needing such attention.


I was very pleased how I was treated from the eye exams through surgery and the follow up. The office staff was also pleasant and answered all my questions. Dr Mills was absolutely wonderful. He made me feel comfortable about the surgery process. The staff at Summit Surgery Center made me feel at ease and made sure I was comfortable.


Highly competent and comforting as well. Dr Mills was very reassuring and confident in my having a good outcome. Since my health problems I am considered a high risk patient. The entire experience was wonderful. The staff members, facility and nurses as well as the anesthesiologist were excellent as well. In addition to being high risk, Dr Mills said my cataract was in the top five worst he had ever seen. The result– absolute perfection!!! I had 20/20 vision the next day!! I will be forever grateful to have met such an incredible surgeon and incredible human being.

Cherlyn Marks

Dr. Mills absolutely incredible. This man was not only professional but sincere, caring and truly a master at his profession. He truly saved my site and cannot thank him and his entire team for making see again and caring about my well being. I would recommend Dr. Mills to anyone that needs cataract surgery, he’s a genius and my cataracts were beyond bad and now two weeks later after surgery on both, I have 20/20 vision!Dr. Mills, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and cannot express what you have done for me, I now have a new release on life again!!Sincerely, Daryl Larson.


I want to tell anyone that is looking to have an Eye exam this is the office and staff to use. I live in Panama and Ever one is above excellent Max who does the scheduling truly above all comments. Thank to all!


I wear my glasses since 3rd grade, Dr. Mills help me to get my eye sight back to 20 on my both eyes. Thank you so much for Dr. Mills and his staffs.


Thank you than you for the excellent care at the office and surgical center I felt completely at ease at my recovery is going very all the best and thanks again.


I had monovision cataract surgery done with Dr. Mills. He and his entire staff were terrific. It can seem scarey to have eye surgery but everyone was excellent from start to finish in making you feel comfortable and positive about the experience. Dr. Mills and the entire staff are all experts at their jobs. It was an easy process from start to finish and I would highly recommend Dr. Mills and his entire staff.


I work in the medical field and can say this experience was exceptional. Dr. Mills is the only doc to see for your eye procedures. The staff is very nice, courteous and efficient. Would recommend their services to anyone.


I had several issues with my eyes and over the past few years had not been receiving satisfactory results until Dr. Mills. He was referred to me by another specialist who is currently treating me also. This I believe is one of the highest recommendations a doctor could have (from one of his peers). At my very first visit I was greeted by a very friendly and helpful staff. Dr. Mills explained my condition and treatment in terms I could understand. It has been a journey, but everything Dr. Mills told me has come true and my vision is near perfect. I will only need reading glasses and at my age (70) that is something! I will always refer people who ask to Dr. Mills and his staff!!!!


For the first time in 69 years I can see without glasses! Dr. Mills removed my cataracts and implanted Intraocular Lenses. I now have mono vision and it’s great! The Doctor and his staff treated me extremely professionally, were courteous and helpful.


My experience with Dr. Mills couldn’t have been nicer. He has done an excellent job on both eyes allowing me to once again see 20/20 through both eyes. I highly recommend him to anyone for surgery on their eyes. He also removed a Pterygium from one of my eyes and that went well also. His staff couldn’t have been nicer and very helpful also. Thanks to each of you, Cindy Evans.


The surgery was painless. After the surgery I worried a bit because my eye was very dry, with an especially large dry patch and it hurt. The surgery was on a Tuesday. I was tpainfree on Thursday but on Friday the miracle occurred and I could see perfectly out of the eye that had undergone surgery. I have had very poor vision for my entire life with a large correction to be able to drive and to function. On Friday, it I had a perfect eye. I could see very well with no pain and I consider it a miracle. I will not need glasses for driving.


Just completed my bilateral cataract surgery. Totally impressed with the Doctor and staff at Eyecare Professionals. Amazed at the outcome and highly recommend this facility.


We found Dr. Mills and his staff to be very caring and compassionate. After having cataract surgery on both eyes, I am amazed! My vision is 20-15 and 20-20 on the day of surgery! Completely amazing and blessed. I would heartily recommend Dr. Mills and his staff for all of your eyecare.


Great dr. Very professional. Now have 20/20 in each eye. Everyone was so wonderful. Makes you feel right a home. Nice office visits and very clean and professional. Thank you Dr. Mills and staff.


Since I was seven years old, I have worn glasses. I never dreamed that I could ever see as good as I see after Dr. Mills did my cataract surgery. What an incredible gift. I can highly recommend Dr Mills and his staff. Truly caring, compassionate and very knowledgeable.


Excellent care frWords cannot describe how incredible my experience has been with Dr. Mills, and his entire staff. From the moment I walked into their office, I was greeted with some of the kindest and most attentive people I have ever met. Dr. Mills was wonderful! He led me through all of my options, took time to answer all of my questions, and helped me to pick a procedure that worked best for me. I chose to go with the multifocal lens replace, and it has been nothing short of a miracle. I came to Dr. Mills with one of the worse eye prescriptions that they had ever seen, and leave today with 20/15 vision and one of the biggest smiles that you can image! Saying thank you just doesn’t seem enough. You guys are the best! The difference in my vision is night and day, and I would like to tell anyone thinking about having the surgery to not wait another minute to do so.


My experience is that Dr. Mill’s’ staff are professional, kind, friendly and thorough! All my questions were addressed and my cataract surgery was painless and more than a success. I would highly recommend this office for any procedure. Thanks guys for all your hard work.


The cataract experience with Dr Mills was awesome. It’s like going from regular tv to HD tv. Staff and everyone in the office is great. Many thanks for the 20-20 vision from Dr. Mills.


My experience was just great. The staff answered all my questions and they were wonderful. The pain was minimal in my left eye and there was none in my right eye. I went shopping afterwards.


Dr Mills and staff are the best. After two cataracts and clear vision, I would recommend no one else.


This has been absolutely awesome! I could not be happier with results. Thank you so much Dr. Mills. Everyone has been great.


I have been wearing glasses most of my life. I cannot believe I now have 20/20 vision. Dr mills is the best, I would recommend him 100%. I only pay that this operation someday becomes available to everyone in need. Also, the whole staff have been nothing but gracious and kind to me. Thank you Dr. Mill’s. Donna.


Dr. Mills performed surgery on both my eyes and I couldn’t be more pleased. My vision is better than I even expected. I would highly recemend This clinic and Dr. Mills to anyone needing eye surgery. LK.


Experience has been great. I wanted to play my piano without glasses and I can. I use my eye pad and read magazines without readers. Dr. Mills did a fabulous job and exceeded my expectations. When I tell my friends and family they are amazed at how well I see and I am 75 years old.


I had and outstanding experience in the office of dr. Matthew b mills, and his knowledgable staff, I was so impressed , greatfull , and overwhelmed with my vision when my treatment was completed, AL ROBBINS.


Unbelievable! I can see vibrant colors and can read without my cheaters. Not only that Cataract surgery is a piece of cake. NO worries at all. If you have been diagnosed with any eye conditions you need to come to Eye Care Professionals. Dr. Mills and Dr. Mirbaha, O.D. I’am truly happy with the whole experience and you will too!


M y experience was painless and easy and now I see without glasses I recomend to everyone do it. Everyone is friendly and helpful.


Dr. Mills was the most exceptional physician with whom I have dealt. While coming for a consult for cataract surgery he found another problem that had to be taken care of first in order to not lose my eyesight. My vision is back and I cannot express enough gratitude for Dr. Mills’ professionalism and knowledge. The entire experience was above and beyond with all the staff in his office. Seldom does one find such professionalism throughout an entire medical office but I certainly found it here at Eye Care Professionals. Thank you to everyone involved in my care! If I could give more than a 5 Star rating it would be all around.


All surgery should be so easy! And great results is just icing on the cake. Thanks, Dr. Mills!


Toric lens implanted in both eyes. The employees were courteous, efficient. Dr. Mills’s skills are phenomenal. I’m appreciative of his care.


To me, this is just the most unbelievable thing to happen to me in my life. Everything used to look like watercolors for a long time, but now I don’t even need the glasses that I’ve worn forever. I don’t possess the vocabulary to truly describe the positive feelings I have for Dr. Mills and his staff! And after the education I received about my care options, I feel like an expert on the subject of cataract surgery (so if anyone wants to contact me and get the 411 feel free to email me!)–Tom from Susanville, CA E-mail:


Words cannot describe how incredible my experience has been with Dr. Mills, and his entire staff. From the moment I walked into their office, I was greeted with some of the kindest and most attentive people I have ever met. Dr. Mills was wonderful! He led me through all of my options, took time to answer all of my questions, and helped me to pick a procedure that worked best for me. I chose to go with the multifocal lens replace, and it has been nothing short of a miracle. I came to Dr. Mills with one of the worse eye prescriptions that they had ever seen, and leave today with 20/15 vision and one of the biggest smiles that you can image! Saying “thank you” just doesn’t seem enough. You guys are the best!


Dr.mills is fantastic. After cataract surgery my vision is 20-15 in both eyes. He is the best . Ive worn glasses for 40 years and now have great uncorrected vision. I highly recommend dr.mills to my friends and family.


Dr. Mills performed surgery on both my eyes and I couldn’t be more pleased. My vision is better than I even expected. I would highly recemend This clinic and Dr. Mills to anyone needing eye surgery.LK.


I was somewhat apprehensive about having surgery in my eyes while still being awake. Let me tell you, it was one of the best things I ever did. The operation was a piece of cake and my eyes are better than ever. Dr. Mills is a real expert and a wonderful man. He is a real people person. I would recommend this eye surgery to anyone who needs it and Dr. Mills as the expert to do the job.


Dr. Mills performed cataract surgery on both of my eyes. The surgery was done at the Renown Surgery Clinic. I want to commend Dr. Mills and all of his staff and the Renown staff for their caring and professional demeanor. Everyone took time to fully explain the procedure and answer any quest ions. Also, they went out of their way to make me comfortable. At no time, did I ever feel apprehensive about the surgery. I would recommend that anyone who is considering eye surgery, Dr. Mills and his staff will make certain you will receive the best care you could expect. It is a wonderful experience to regain my vision.

Larry F.

Hi my name is Erica . I was losing hope on recovering my sight back, father ever doctor I seen told me there was no chance I could see again , Dr mill gave me hope . He did what other said they couldn’t do I’m glad I come to De,milla.


I wanted to wait a couple months after my surgery before I did this survey. Everything went really well during the surgery. Two months later, my vision is great and after 40 years of bad eye sight, I no longer need glasses. What an amazing feeling! For me, Dr. Mills WALKS ON WATER. Many thanks to him and his professional staff. If I need any future eye care, I will definitely come back.


I am so pleased with my results! Dr. Mills took an impossible situation and corrected my vision beyond expectations. His skill is unsurpassed. I’ve dealt with poor vision due to many refractive surgeries and never expected to have such good results. Thank you Dr. Mills!


I can’t say enough about the success of each of my cataract surgeries. We have achieved 20-20 in both eyes, mono vision. The staff at Eye Care Professionals are all so skilled and I felt confidence in the process each step of the way. Thank you Dr Mills for such a great outcome. You entire office is the best run medical facility I have ever experienced.


I always had the utmost confidence in Dr. Mills. I would recommend him to anyone. He is very thorough and puts his patients at ease. Please don’t look any further when looking for an eye doctor to trust.


Dr. Mills is absolutely THE best ophthalmologist in Washoe County!! He is very professional, very caring, love his bedside “demeanor”!! I highly recommend Dr. Mills for one of the most precious organs we possess, our eyes!!


I’ve always been near-sighted, but now after surgery I can our beautiful mountains in their full splendor! I would highly recommend Dr. Mills to anyone who needs to improve their eyesight. With his help, I feel as though I’ve literally been given the gift of life for the second time. A huge thank you to Dr. Mills, Dr. Mirbaha and the entire staff for being so caring and helpful.


Almost Biblical. I came in with terrible vision and about an hour or so later left with 20/15 vision [25 percent better than ‘’perfect’’. No gauze. No black patch. No pain. Waked out seeing better than I can ever remember. I would not hesitate to refer my closest love one to Dr. Mills.


Dr. Mills gave me the freedom to swim, camp, work, and play without contact lenses or glasses. I spent the first 20 years of my law enforcement career always fearful I would lose a contact lens at the wrong moment. I no longer have to worry and I have better vision than I had with corrective lenses. Thank you for my freedom, my safety, and my new eyes! I only wish I had done this sooner!


It is so wonderful to see without glasses with 20/15 in both eyes. Staff was very nice and explained everything. Office was clean and professional. Researched before coming to Dr. Mills, he is the best!


The surgery and office visits were very present and painless and very caring staff.


I have enjoyed the personal care from Dr Mills and the staff. The results were beyond my expectations. The.


After struggling for the past 4 years and unwilling to give up riding motorcycles, I needed a new view on life. RK surgery worked well from 1991-2000, Contacts from 2000 to 2010. Between the cataracts and failing vision I needed help. My right eye went from 20-8- to 20-30 in a week, and left eye to 20-40 in a day. I’m thrilled and expect further improvement. Dr. Mills and his entire staff are top notch professionals. I felt like I was in good hands the entire time. I highly recommend ECP!


I can see great! Best since I was 10 years old. Have been left eye dominant all my life–now guess I am now right eye dominant as I can leave both eyes open and see great. Thank you and thank you and thank you again!


It is refreshing to see such a professional Doctor. I would give him 5 stars all the way around! He is patient and provides such a wonderful bedside manner to all his patients. He is available for whatever you need throughout the process. It’s impressive to see someone doing so well, managing to be so present and having his stuff together. I’m also thankful to the staff for being great throughout the process. He makes being sick and not seeing worth while.

Gwendolyn M.

I have been treated with the utmost in professional care. There has been no bad side to my experience with Dr. Mills, his staff or his business operation. u.


Everyone made me feel at ease and comfortable from the moment I stepped in the door. It was wonderful!


I had surgery in both eyes and now I can see distance without glasses. I have had glasses since I was 7 years old, it’s great to not have to wear glasses except for reading. I would recommend Dr Mills for any eye procedure.


I felt the whole experience was smooth, well organized and successful, The staff were very friendly and so efficient. Every question I had was answered in a way I could completely understand. I would highly recommend Dr Mills to all my friends for his services.

Jan M.

My experience as a patient receiving a multifocal lens after cataract surgery has been amazing. I feel I have been given the gift of excellent vision in both eyes at near, intermediate and far distances without glasses after wearing corrective lens since I was 10 years old! Dr. Mills gave me the right combination of lens to make this possible. I am very grateful to him and his very competent staff.


Dr. Mills is excellent, I recommend him to anyone! Most people are 4.5 stars, but he is 6 stars! I have never met a Dr with such good manners, so polite and takes the time to talk to you about everything. He is not a normal Dr, he is above and beyond!

Dave J.

A wonderful experience. I can’t believe how well I can see. I had to give Dr. Mills a big hug!

Melonie C.

Couldn’t rate my experience higher! Have now had cataract surgery in both eyes and the world is a much brighter place. Was supported every step of the way by Dr Mills and his staff; full explanations given, calls returned promptly, and best of all felt listened to!

Barbara L.

I am moving to Panama and Dr Mills and the staff fit me in to do surgery on both eyes deformed I had to leave the country. The Staff is incredible and so Patient directed, Dr Mills walked me thru every step and I was left with no questions . By far the best Surgery experience of my 75 years!


I have nothing but PRAISE for Dr. Mills and his staff, I would HIgHLY recommend DR. Mills for even the most complicated eye care,I only wish I had met him sooner , I am TOTALLY satisfied, THANK YOU DR. MILLS & GOD BLES.


Dr. Mills is a fantastic surgeon and practitioner. He takes the time to listen to his patients and really cares about the outcomes.His skills as a surgeon are solid and his bedside manor reassuring. I have total confidence in his abilities as a professional.


I never realized how many people you have given eye sight back to. You did over 20 surgeries on the day of mine and if they all have eye sight as beautiful as mine, I am really blessed and so are they. God bless you and all you do Dr. Mills. P.S. All your workers and technicians are wonderful and pleasant people!

Claire G.

Having my cataract surgery was amazing. It was as though someone. Turned a rheostat light from low to bright. Absolutely great. I cannot believe the difference.


Great experience!! By next day I could see perfect. Dr. Mills is awesome and am telling everyone about it!! Thank you Dr. Mills!!!


Dr. Mills is fantastic!


I received cataract surgery in both eyes recently and am very pleased with the results. I had double vision with the cataracts which made it difficult to read. Twenty years ago I had laser surgery to correct poor vision. Because of that Dr. Mills had to do extra work with the lens replacement to adjust the eyes correctly. My left eye for distance has completely healed and vision is clear. My right eye for reading is healing quickly and already not sensitive to light and is pain free. Vision is great and easy for me to read without reading glasses.

David W.

If there’s a rating above 5 stars, I would rate my experience that! I have 20/20 on my first day!

Joyce P.

I am totally satisfied to have dr Mills to fix my vision was scared to be awake but it was easy Dr Mills made me feel very at ease I wish I would have been referred to Dr Mills years ago to have my vision correct a long time ago if there could be an award for best doctor and friendly staff they would go beyond I would tell anyone who to have surgery done to see doctor Mills he goes above and beyond for a doctor I sooooo love my new vision for the first time since I was 8 years old I don’t have to wake up and fumble for my glasses as far as I am concerned the only doctor I would ever have to anyone in my family would only have Dr Mills I have perfect vision in both my eyes I see a whole lot better than I did with my glasses thank you so much Dr Mills for my vision of things I have been missing.

Darlene V.

I am thrilled with the results. Have years with 3 different pairs of glasses I wont’ need any! Thank you Dr Mills.

Claudia C.

My surgery was great. I can see the world in a whole new way. Loved Dr. Mills.

Sylvia B.

Great! Everyone was very sweet and super helpful.


Thank you so much for my excellent vision! Dr. Mills and his staff are superb! Thank you thank you!

Andrea R.

Great experience. Overall I was quite pleased with the whole experience. I’d definitely recommend Dr. Mills!

Bonnie P.

I am really happy with the results on the first day! Seeing 20/20 is unbelievable.

William S.

This was one of the most positive experiences of my life. I feel like I have experienced a miracle to have my vision once again. Thank you Doctor Mills.

John G.

Before my cataract surgery, I lived the life of a mole. Now that I have had surgery with Dr. Mills, I feel “eagle eyed.” I see fine details in the far distance and appreciate the beauty of life’s small wonders.

Christine B.

Dr. Mills and staff are very professional. My eyesight has improved to better than 20/20 and my eye pressures has decreased substantially. I greatly appreciate how much Dr. Mill has helped my eyesight. My days of wearing glassed are behind me. I highly recommend Dr. Mill and his staff at eye care professionals.

John T.

My experience at Eye Care Professionals with Dr. Mills and his staff was exceptional. My vision is incredible now! I always felt well taken care of by Dr. Mills and his staff. My questions were answered with detail and in a very timely manner. I would recommend anyone looking for permanent vision correction to visit Dr. Mills!!

Theresa B.

My experience with Dr Mills was truly amazing! In just one day I can’t believe how much I can see. Procedure was easy and really with no discomfort!

T. Renwick

Caring, wonderful staff!! Organized and efficient!! Dr. Mills spends as much time as you feel you may need with him and answers all of your questions!! In this day and age of less than caring healthcare, this office, it’s doctors and their staff are amazing!!!! :-).

Debra D.

I couldn’t read a newspaper, and now I can after having cataract surgery!

Kenzie A.

I have never been happier!!! I had cataract surgery on my second eye yesterday and it was a really comfortable experience. The office experience is pleasant and the wait times are short usually. I would recommend Eye care Professionals as the place to go for your eye care.

Linda T.

Doctor Mills performed the Kamra procedure on my eye. The results are incredible. I no longer need reading glasses. Absolutely fantastic. The staff at Eye Care Professionals are wonderful. The attention to detail and care is the very best. A very Big thank you to Doctor Mills and his entire staff.

Alan H.

Dr. Mills and his staff at the surgical center are amazing. Their attention to every detail and their kindness and compassion make the eye surgery experience very pleasurable. I had no discomfort before, during or after my surgery. The results are amazing, my vision is now 20/20.Each office visit is also a very pleasant one, the staff is friendly, polite and efficient. Would not go to anyone but Dr. Mills for my eyes.

Virgina M.

Having worn glasses for 60 years, It thrilling to have 20/10 sight with no prescription.

Patrick S.

Everything has been excellent! Far beyond everything I thought it would be. The summit surgery center along with Eye care professionals were wonderful! I couldn’t ask for more of a wonderful staff! In 1966 it was the first time I visited the Grand Canyon. I was awed by it. Since having my cataracts removed, I am having this same awe with trees, colors, people, everything! I am so pleased with Dr. Mills and the outcome of my surgery.

Gerald E.

Dr Mills removed my cataracts & implanted multifocal lenses. I now see 20/20 in both eyes, near & far. Very satisfied!!


I can see 20/20! Thank you for your excellent service to Dr. Mills and his wonderful staff!

Craig M.

Am so appreciative of Eye Pros service in my being able to see the beauty of the Sierra Mountains without glasses that I’ve worn for 56 years . My appreciation is boundless and I will be forever grateful .

George B.

Before surgery, I could not see anything clearly with my right eye, with or without my glasses. After surgery, I have almost perfect vision with myRight eye!!!!! I am so very pleased.


Easy, painless and 20/20 vision. I have not seen this well in a long time. Eye Care Professionals have skills!


From the first day I met with Dr. Mills at Eye Care Professionals I had a feeling of confidence in the care I was about the receive for my cataracts. Dr. Mills provided the various options available. After extensive testing we decided surgical insertion of premium Aspheric Toric Intraocular Lens would best address my needs. On April 13thDr. Mills performed the first, painless, surgery on one of my eyes. The resulting clarity of vision is nothing short spectacular. I am now anxiously waiting to have my other eyes operated later in the month. What a wonderful gift.


I had a wonderful experience and my sight is awesome now! If you have a chance to get cataract surgery done, you should do it! It has totally changed my life!

Barbara N.

My experience with Dr. Mills and his staff was superb. I can see–finally!

Don A.

Dr. Mills performed cataract surgery on both of my eyes and my vision has improved a great deal. Dr Mills is very thorough and has helped me tremendously with another problem I had been having with my eyes for years and which no one else had previously diagnosed. I am happy to say that not only is my vision so much better but my eyes feel so much better as a result of Dr. Mills’ accurate diagnosis of my problem and follow-up treatment. Thank you Dr. Mills for the precious gift of sight!

Leslie Chiara

I first met Dr. Mills at Eye Care Professional couple of months back. During my first visit I found Dr. Mills outgoing, friendly and very professional as was all of his staff. During my first visit it was determined my sight problems were due to cataracts. At the following visit it was determined the cataracts surgery was needed and Dr. Mills explained the various lens available and the intraocular lens surgery. On April 13th Dr. Mills performed the surgery on my right eye. The procedure was absolutely painless and quite short in duration. Immediately afterwards I witnesses a improvement in my distance vision. The following day I met with Dr. Mills for post-operative and was told the operation went well. Boy did it ever, my vision in the eye with the new lens was more clear than I can ever recall. I can’t say enough about the great treatment and wonderful results I have experienced. I could not have found a better doctor and support staff. I anxiously look forward to getting a replacement lens in my other eye. Thanks again, Don A.


Pleasure to see Dr Mills. Staff is the best I have seen in action. Thank you all. Mike.

Mike I.

The improvement in my vision is remarkable. I had ocular implants when cataracts were removed. I no longer have a need for glasses for reading or distance. Dr. Mills is very knowledgable and skilled. The surgery was not painful in any way and the recovery was fast. The results were exactly as Dr. Mills predicted. His nursing and office staff are wonderful. I recommend him highly.

Charles M.

After wearing glasses for 60 years it is fantastic to no longer need them after my cataract surgeries. It has also improved my balance as I have not been able to look over my shoulder while walking in over ten years.

Harvey M.

Both at Eye Care Professionals and at the surgery center, the staff was great and I had great treatment. I always felt informed and I had great results from cataract surgery. I would highly recommend it!

William C.