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Refractive Lens Exchange Surgery

RLE Eye Surgery Provides Vision Correction for Age-Related Vision Loss

LASIK is not the only option for Vision Correction. This is especially true as we age. When patients near their 40s, they often suffer from presbyopia, which is a refractive error that makes it hard for middle-aged and older adults to see up close. Refractive Lens Exchange, or RLE, corrects vision so you can see close and far without the need for contacts, glasses, or readers.

Instead of waiting years for a cataract to fully develop or presbyopia to worsen, RLE eye surgery permanently replaces the dysfunctional lens in a quick, painless outpatient procedure. And, with a range of premium replacement lenses to choose from, RLE can offer freedom from corrective eyewear by improving distance, intermediate, and near vision.

Can I still get RLE if I’ve had LASIK?

Our goal is to give you the best vision possible. That’s why we don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to vision correction. If you are over 40 and need readers, Refractive Lens Exchange in Reno could be an excellent solution. 

And if you’ve had LASIK in the past, you can still be a candidate for Refractive Lens Exchange surgery. In fact, patients who had LASIK in their 20s or 30s are often the best candidates for RLE. 

This is because they have already lived with vision correction and don’t want to use readers as they age. Refractive Lens Exchange in Reno can fix presbyopia, where LASIK cannot. It is an excellent option to maintain your vision.


Refractive Lens Exchange surgery, or RLE, provides vision correction for those who are not a candidate for LASIK or want to correct presbyopia.

About Refractive Lens Surgery in Reno

What is RLE?

Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) eye surgery is a procedure that removes the aging, dysfunctional lens and restores vision to a level that often cannot be achieved with LASIK surgery after a certain age. Patients over 45 will often begin experiencing presbyopia, which means they cannot see things up close, such as reading a book, or a menu at a restaurant. 

This is a natural part of aging, but thanks to RLE surgery, you do not have to live with readers or poor close vision. Also, if these lens changes are not proactively addressed, they can end up causing cataracts. Instead of waiting years for a cataract to fully develop, RLE permanently replaces the dysfunctional lens in a five to 10-minute painless surgical procedure.

Options for Intraocular Lens (IOL)

At ECP, we can use advanced IOLS, or couple this surgery with light adjustable lenses (LAL). LALs give us the unique ability to adjust and fine-tune the power of the lens implant once inside the eye. This also allows you to preview and adjust the vision until it meets your personal desires and lifestyle requirements. This optimization is performed by Dr. Mills after lens implantation through a series of light treatment procedures in the office that take only a few minutes each.

How is RLE Performed?

Refractive Lens Exchange surgery is a quick procedure that only takes about five to 10 minutes in the operating room. Your eye is numbed with topical anesthesia, and then your surgeon will make a very small opening at the edge of the cornea. The doctor will insert a phaco tip into the eye through the small incision to remove the dysfunctional lens. 

Then, your doctor will place an intraocular lens (IOL) or a Light Adjustable IOL, depending on what you choose, and get it into the right position for optimal results. And most patients have their vision restored by the next day!

Your post-op will depend on the type of IOL option you choose. The light adjustable lens (LAL) gives your doctor the ability to adjust the vision using UV light so you get the exact customized vision you want. Once you have achieved your final optimal vision, the lens power is permanently locked with a final light treatment to prevent any further changes.

Who is a Good Candidate for RLE?

The best candidates for RLE eye surgery are those who are out of the range of LASIK (40 and older) and want to enjoy the world without contacts or reading glasses. It is also a great solution for those who have had LASIK and are now suffering from presbyopia as they age.

Lens replacement surgery is not only a great solution for vision correction, it is also a proactive solution against cataracts. Putting an advanced IOL or LAL replaces the existing lens, and therefore greatly reduces the natural complications, like cataracts, that come with an aging lens.



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