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Children’s Eye Health and Safety

Eye Care Professionals is answering common questions parents have about their children’s eye health. When should children receive their first eye exam? Parents should have their children’s eyes examined during well-child visits starting at around age three. During this exam, your child’s eye doctor will look for refractive errors (nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism), as well as other common childhood eye [...]

Children’s Eye Health and Safety2021-03-15T22:34:06+00:00
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Are Laser Pointers Dangerous for Children’s Eye Health?

We encourages people to pay special attention to childhood eye illness and injury. Eye Care Professionals will discuss the dangers associated using a laser pointer as a toy. While laser pointers may seem harmless enough, you should think twice before letting your child use one as a makeshift lightsaber Can laser pointers blind you? They sure can. This past June, [...]

Are Laser Pointers Dangerous for Children’s Eye Health?2021-03-15T22:27:28+00:00
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