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RLE and Age-Related Vision Changes: A Solution for Presbyopia

Our bodies undergo a series of natural transformations as we age, and our vision is no exception. One of the most common age-related vision changes is a condition called presbyopia. Presbyopia typically becomes noticeable around age 40 and continues to progress over time. While these changes can be frustrating, there is a solution that can help you regain clear vision [...]

RLE and Age-Related Vision Changes: A Solution for Presbyopia2023-11-28T04:43:59+00:00
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First Surgery to Correct Presbyopia with New Intraocular Lens Implant Performed in Northern Nevada by Dr. Matthew Mills, M.D.

Procedure for correcting aging eyesight adds to the list of “firsts” for Eye Care Professionals, and brings vision correction opportunities to Nevada residents. Eye Care Professionals is pleased to announce that Dr. Matthew Mills, M.D. is the first surgeon in northern Nevada to surgically implant a new type of intraocular lens (IOL), the RayOne EMV, which provides patients undergoing cataract [...]

First Surgery to Correct Presbyopia with New Intraocular Lens Implant Performed in Northern Nevada by Dr. Matthew Mills, M.D.2022-05-03T21:07:47+00:00
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What are common causes of blurry vision?

Have you been experiencing blurry vision lately? Step away from WebMD and try not to panic – there are many normal reasons why you may be experiencing this mild visual disturbance. Below, we’ve outlined some of the more common causes of blurry vision. You need to get glasses – or update your prescription. Do you wear glasses or contacts? If [...]

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Tips on How to Preserve your Vision

Today’s technological advancements such as laptops, smartphones and iPads have led to a modern trend of eye fatigue and other vision-related problems. More than ever, people are experiencing diminished eyesight. Blame it on the long periods of staring at the glaring images on our TVs, computers and cell phones. But all hope is not yet lost. Although blurry vision is [...]

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Why Does My Vision Blur?

Getting blurred vision is one of the first signs of eyestrain. It’s one way of telling us that something’s wrong with our eyes. Perhaps we just rubbed our eyes too hard, have stayed too close to the TV or just stared at the computer monitor for too long. But the good thing is that our vision will get back to [...]

Why Does My Vision Blur?2021-05-25T22:11:10+00:00
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What Are the Common Causes of Poor Eyesight?

Not all of us are born with poor eyesight. In fact, most of us are very fortunate to have good vision. However, we tend to neglect our eyes, which can cause impaired vision. We just take these things for granted. But when vision becomes blurry and fuzzy, we question why. We forget that it was our by own doing that [...]

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Happy Healthy Vision Month!

Did you know that most vision problems are preventable? Every May, the National Eye Institute (NEI) celebrates Healthy Vision Month, an awareness campaign designed to encourage healthy, sight-saving habits. This year, NEI is focusing on young adults between the ages 25 to 35. While people in this age group typically have healthy vision, it’s important to promote good habits early [...]

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Debunking Myths About Your Vision

Vision Myths: When it comes to preserving your vision, there are myths and there are facts. In this article, we’ll distinguish which is which, starting off with carrots. Carrots and other "Rabbit Food" According to popular myth, eating this rabbit food will enhance your vision. Is that true? Well, it’s not entirely false. Rich in vitamin A, carrots are good [...]

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Diabetic Eye Disease 101

Diabetes increases the risk of multiple eye diseases, many of which, such as diabetic eye disease, can lead to permanent vision loss. Oftentimes, there are no early symptoms for these conditions, making it essential for people with diabetes to receive regular comprehensive eye examinations. What causes diabetic eye disease? When a person’s blood glucose levels remain too high for too [...]

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Signs and Symptoms Associated with Diabetes and Diabetic Eye Disease

Eye Care Professionals encourages individuals to watch for the signs and symptoms associated with diabetes and diabetic eye disease. What are some common diabetes symptoms? Diabetes is a surprisingly common disorder, affecting 9.4 percent of the US population. As people get older, their likelihood of developing the disorder increases. Researchers estimate that one quarter (25.2 percent) of Americans over the [...]

Signs and Symptoms Associated with Diabetes and Diabetic Eye Disease2021-05-25T23:50:46+00:00
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Coping With the Challenges of Vision Loss

Losing one’s vision is one of the greatest life challenges that one can experience. However difficult a condition it may be, there are vision aids that can help patients cope with the struggle. Fortunately, vision disorders like corneal disease or diabetic retinopathy can be treated. On the other hand, there are conditions that cannot be treated, leading to vision loss. [...]

Coping With the Challenges of Vision Loss2021-05-25T23:34:44+00:00
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