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Diabetic Eye Disease 101

Diabetes increases the risk of multiple eye diseases, many of which can lead to permanent vision loss. Oftentimes, there are no early symptoms for these conditions, making it essential for people with diabetes to receive regular comprehensive eye examinations. What causes diabetic eye disease? When a person’s blood glucose levels remain too high for too long, the tiny blood vessels [...]

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Signs and Symptoms Associated with Diabetes and Diabetic Eye Disease

Eye Care Professionals encourages individuals to watch for the signs and symptoms associated with diabetes and diabetic eye disease. What are some common diabetes symptoms? Diabetes is a surprisingly common disorder, affecting 9.4 percent of the US population. As people get older, their likelihood of developing the disorder increases. Researchers estimate that one quarter (25.2 percent) of Americans over the [...]

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Coping With the Challenges of Vision Loss

Losing one’s vision is one of the greatest life challenges that one can experience. However difficult a condition it may be, there are vision aids that can help patients cope with the struggle. Fortunately, vision disorders like corneal disease or diabetic retinopathy can be treated. On the other hand, there are conditions that cannot be treated, leading to vision loss. [...]

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