Not all of us are born with poor eyesight. In fact, most of us are very fortunate to have good vision. However, we tend to neglect our eyes, which can cause impaired vision. We just take these things for granted. But when vision becomes blurry and fuzzy, we question why. We forget that it was our by own doing that we have impaired vision.

One of the common causes of diminished eyesight is putting too much stress on the eyes. Most of us work in front of the computer every day. Continuously staring at the computer monitor can strain the eyes. Take a short break once in a while to allow your eyes to relax.

The UV rays of the sun can be harmful to our eyes. When going out, wear sunglasses with polarized lenses since this helps deflect the harmful sun rays. Also, inadequate sleep causes poor eyesight. Make sure to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night.

Avoid using eye care products. Consult your doctor first before using on any eye medication. Also, for contact lenses, try to remove them every night before going to bed. Never use them continuously for 12 hours. An unhealthy lifestyle also contributes to the deterioration of your eyes. Eat sensibly and maintain a good exercise regimen.

If eyesight problems exist, visit your doctor and have them checked out immediately.

Comprehensive eye examinations can help prevent poor eyesight from worsening due to complications.

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