Vision Myths:

When it comes to preserving your vision, there are myths and there are facts. In this article, we’ll distinguish which is which, starting off with carrots.

Carrots and other “Rabbit Food”

According to popular myth, eating this rabbit food will enhance your vision. Is that true? Well, it’s not entirely false. Rich in vitamin A, carrots are good for your vision. But you can also get vitamin A from other food sources like cheese, egg yolks and milk.

Does sitting too close to the TV contribute to vision damage?

False. While it can trigger a headache, it won’t do much to impair your eyesight. In relation to this myth, reading in the dark will also not hurt your vision. It will only contribute to eyestrain, which is a temporary condition. But it won’t damage your vision.

Myth: Glasses weaken your vision

That’s also not true. Your eyes won’t weaken or become dependent on the vision aid. Any change in prescription may be a result of aging or underlying eye disease.

Is vision loss treatable?

Yes, but only if timely diagnosed and treated. As soon as symptoms appear, it is best to consult an eye doctor. Blurry vision, floaters in vision, flashes of light and eye pain are some of the telltale signs that you need to discuss with the doctor.

Did you know artificial sweeteners can cause your eyes to be more sensitive to light?

Some medications can also trigger this vision challenge; they include diuretics, diabetes and high blood pressure drugs, oral contraceptives and certain antibiotics.

Can you go blind if you stare at the sun for too long?

Yes! Looking straight at it can cause headache and distorted vision. In severe cases, it can cause permanent eye damage. Prolonged exposure to the harmful UV rays is a contributing factor of corneal dystrophy, solar retinitis and macular degeneration. These dangerous rays will burn your eyes.