Have you experienced redness or itchiness of the eyes? Does it cause you to tear involuntarily? Commonly referred as pinkeye syndrome, conjunctivitis is inflammation of the covering of the eyeball, particularly the area inside your eyelid.

The most common cause of pinkeye syndrome is bacterial infection. Chemical irritation and allergic reaction can also trigger this condition.

Do you have pinkeye syndrome?

A classic symptom is when your eyelids stay shut as you wake up in the morning. This may be accompanied by a thick green or yellow, pus-like discharge, which usually occurs in a bacterial infection. In cases of chemical irritation or allergic reaction, clear drainage occurs.

You may also feel an itching or burning sensation. There may also be a feeling of having something inside the eyelids.

Other symptoms of pinkeye syndrome include swollen lymph nodes and cold, which often results after a viral infection.

Not all cases of red, irritated eyes are related to pinkeye syndrome. Seasonal allergies and blepharitis also carry these symptoms. However, if you’re experiencing eye redness and irritation that is accompanied by any of these conditions, it is best to seek medical help:

  • Yellow or green discharge, which causes your eyes to shut or your eyelids to stick together
  • High fever, facial pain or vision loss
  • Severe sensitivity to light
  • Double or blurry vision


Also, if your condition hasn’t improved after a week or two, you may want to consult an eye doctor.