Dark circles around the eyes occur for many reasons. Primarily, dark areas appear as we age. The older we get, the thin layer of skin around our eyes tends to become thinner. In addition, this are becomes wrinkled. As result, the veins underneath it become visible and prominent.

Other instances of dark circles around the eyes are results of a hormonal or hereditary cause. Thinner eyelids may be a result of a genetic predisposition passed down from one generation to another. Allergies can also cause these dark circles. Even simple food allergies are known to cause dark spots around the eyes.

How to help reduce the dark circles:

  • Consider skin revitalization to help reduce dark circles, brown spots and other age-related skin imperfections.
  • Cut down on cigarettes and other tobacco products. Research has shown that smoking or even secondhand smoke, can cause adverse effects on the eyes. These reactions range may include red or bloodshot eyes to watery and swollen eyes.
  • Stress, fatigue or sleep deprivation can add bags under the eyes, making those dark spots more visible. Log in as much as eight hours of sleep every night to reduce the likelihood of dark spots and eye bags.
  • Try not to strain the eyes too much. Whether you’re watching TV or staring at the computer, relax your peepers once in a while. After all, your eyes, just like any tired body part, need rest now and then.
  • Experts agree that vitamin C helps reduce dark spots around the eyes. Also, try to cut down on raw salt.