Most people have a general practitioner or family doctor they go to for general health concerns and annual check-ups, but sometimes you need to see a specialist. If you have a toothache, you book an appointment with your dentist. If you were having trouble with chest pain, you would see a cardiologist. For every special medical need, there is a specialty doctor who knows all there is to know about the functions, parts, diseases, and conditions of this specific part of the body. This is also true for when to see an ophthalmologist

What is an Ophthalmologist?

There’s actually more than one kind of eye doctor. An optometrist is the type of doctor you would see if your eyes are healthy and you need only a checkup or an update for your eyeglasses or contact lenses. Ophthalmologists also perform eye exams and prescribe corrective lenses, but they can also perform eye surgery. These medical professionals are highly trained and skilled at diagnosing, monitoring, and treating a variety of eye conditions. This includes glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataracts.

When to See a Reno Ophthalmologist

Do you need to see an ophthalmologist? Here are the signs to look for:

  1. Loss of vision in one or both of your eyes
  2. Decreased vision in one or both of your eyes
  3. Seeing sudden spots or flashes of light
  4. Noticing lightning streaks or jagged lines of light
  5. Catching sights pf distortions or wavy lines
  6. Having wavy or watery vision
  7. Seeing blurry faces
  8. Seeing halos around lights
  9. Having double vision
  10. Noticing changes in your field of vision such as seeing shadows, blurriness, or black spots
  11. Having curtain-like loss of vision
  12. Noticing major changes in your color vision

Anytime your eyesight drastically changes, it is time to see an ophthalmologist. As well, you should see a Reno, Nevada ophthalmologist if you have eye pain, as this might be a symptom of a serious problem. Make an appointment with an ophthalmologist right away if you experience physical changes to your eyes, such as crossed eyes or eyes that turn inwards, outwards, upwards, or downwards. If you notice signs of infection in one or both eyes, including redness, swelling, and discharge, it is best you book an appointment as soon as possible.

See an Ophthalmologist at Eye Care Professionals

You may need an ophthalmologist if you have a pre-existing eye condition or a new eye problem that requires advanced care or surgery. Choosing an ophthalmologist is an important decision and one that you should not take lightly. After all, this person is going to be in charge of your vision! You cannot trust your eye care to just anyone; you need an ophthalmologist you can rely on for the highest quality of eye care.

The best Ophthalmologists in Reno are found at Eye Care Professionals. We are the area’s leaders in experienced, state-of-the-art medical and surgical care for the eyes. Our Eye Care Professionals team includes owner and primary ophthalmologist, Dr. Matthew Mills and Dr. Thomas (Tam) Conklin who joined the practice in 2017 and has been practicing in Reno throughout his career. Dr. Matthew Mills is a skilled eye surgeon specializing in LASIK, cataracts, and glaucoma. Dr. Conklin now serves primarily in a medical ophthalmology role while still performing in-office procedures and lasers. He is a skilled eye surgeon specializing in refractive surgery for cataracts and glaucoma. Additionally, our team includes clinical optometrist, Dr. Leyla Mirbaha.

Eye Care Professionals has established a reputation for excellence in all aspects of patient care as well as surgical outcomes. We feel very fortunate and privileged to be able to participate in the all-important work of preserving, restoring, and improving vision for our patients! Now is the time to book an eye appointment with one of our ophthalmologists. We strive to provide the most thorough and effective eye care possible to each and every one of our patients.