Your daily habits affect your health. You already know exercising each morning lowers your blood pressure, builds muscle, and reduces fat. You probably already know that the daily habit of smoking cigarettes contributes to poor lung health. Eating a healthy, lean breakfast boosts your metabolism. But have you ever thought about any habits you have that may be affecting your eyes? Often, these all-important organs are overlooked when we think about healthy daily habits. Let’s change that!

Bad Habit #1: Not Getting Enough Sleep

In addition to a multitude of other health problems, you’ll experience issues with your eyesight if you do not get enough sleep. When you are tired, you rub your eyes more and can also experience dry eyes. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, rubbing your eyes can result in scratching your cornea. Over time, rubbing your eyes can cause damage to the eyelids and sensitively thin skin around your eyes. Beyond pain, this results in premature aging and under-eye circles.

Bad Habit #2: Eating an Unhealthy Diet

Remember when your mother told you that eating carrots would help you see better? This isn’t wrong! Your diet affects your overall health, not just your waistline. Again, the American Academy of Ophthalmology tells us that, “Eating a diet low in fat and rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can help your overall system, including your eyes.” Your body needs the right nutrients to support your overall health. This includes what you drink. Next time you’re about to reach for a soda, get a glass of water instead. You need enough water for the proper hydration of your eyes. 

Bad Habit #3: Not Wearing the Correct Eye Protection

Reno is bright, sunny, dusty, and hot for a good portion of the year. When you’re outside, you definitely need to be wearing sunglasses. There’s more to eye protection than a cool pair of shades. Mowing the lawn, playing racquetball, cooking with hot oil, and home improvement projects also have a high risk of eye injury. If you ride a motorcycle, wear safety goggles with your helmet. If there is a risk of something dangerous flying at your eyes, wear eye protection – it’s that simple.

Bad Habit #4: Too Much Screen Time

It is quite common to spend too much time on our screens, and this habit is not something that is great for our eyes. If possible, limit the amount of time you spend each day staring at the computer, your phone screen, and the TV. Take breaks throughout the day when you’re looking at screens for work or school.

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