Sometimes, going to the doctor is scary. Plenty of adults have fears and reservations around their eyes and going to see an eye doctor. A common cause for anxiety is having cataracts and considering cataract surgery. Patients want to know, “Will I be awake? Will it hurt? Will I recover easily?”

There’s no shame in admitting that someone performing surgery on your eyes leaves you a bit squeamish. That being said, you can’t let your fears hold you back from the medical treatments you need to live a healthy and happy life. Eye Care Professionals of Reno, NV are here to help you alleviate your fears! Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Tip #1: Know the numbers.

Sometimes, it’s helpful to know the specific data. You’re not alone – cataract surgery is one of the most commonly performed operations in the world. There are more than two million cataract surgeries performed in the United States alone every single year. Not only this, it boasts an excellent success rate. The safety record and the number of positive benefits to those suffering with cataracts are huge!

Tip #2: Keep the benefits in mind.

The reason you’re a candidate for this surgery is because you need it. After the surgery, you’ll be living a safer, healthier, and more “normal” life. Undergoing cataract surgery decreases the likelihood of experiencing a hip fracture by 16 percent because you’re less likely to fall when you can see obstacles and have better distance judgement. The odds of being involved in a car crash after cataract surgery decreases by 13 percent. Those who have undergone cataract surgery have a 40 percent lower mortality rate than those who have their cataracts untreated. Once you have clearer vision, you will be able to better see and avoid dangers, like an unexpected step off a sidewalk.

Tip #3: Learn more about the surgery.

Often, a fear is simply based on the fear of the unknown. The more you know about the procedure itself, the less likely you are to be worried about it. For instance, did you know that the procedure itself will only take around 20 minutes? The procedure is quick, painless and highly effective. 

Tip #4: Speak with your medical team.

At Eye Care Professionals, we are here to speak with you openly about your upcoming surgery. Often, just one friendly, easy conversation with the surgeon is enough to ease your fears. Ask us your questions and tell us your concerns. Your surgeon knows this procedure in incredible detail and is able to provide further clarification on anything you’re worried about. 

Is there any particular aspect of your surgery that you’re worried about? Ask us! Call us at (775) 322-1000 to speak to our team.