A: Monovision is a correction in presbyopic patients (over 40 years of age) of the dominant eye for distance and the non-dominant eye for near. This is a common method of correcting vision in patients requiring bifocals after reaching their 40s. This method of vision correction can be done with refractive surgery or with contact lenses. In fact, President Reagan and Vice President Al Gore used a contact lens for monovision. If both eyes in a presbyopic patient are corrected fully for distance, reading glasses are then required. This may be the desired result. Not everyone can adjust to monovision. If not, then the non-dominant undercorrected eye can be enhanced for distance correction. For patients over 40, a detailed discussion with the doctor to determine the patient’s visual needs and goals is required. A trial of monovision with contact lenses can help predict which patients will do well with this type of laser correction.